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Rental non-payment

Time Period : 30 days


- Tenant delayed the rental payment for over 2 months
- Tenant didn’t respond to call & emails


  • Tenant vacated the property
  • Tenant paid 2 months remaining rent plus 1 month of penalty to the landlord

According to law # 33 of 2008 (amending law # 26 of 2007), tenant needs to pay the rent on time and if any payment is delayed for more than 30 days, landlord can evict the tenant and claim compensation for it.

When the landlord requested us to sort out the problem it was already 2 months the tenant didn’t pay for the rent.

Our legal consultants immediately made an eviction notice to the tenant and it took for us exactly 30 days to get the eviction approved and finally executed. All case details were officially registered in RERA and public records when finally criminal case against the tenant was opened. We also helped the landlord to get compensation equal to not paid rent period and keep the security deposit for shutting down DEWA & Empower accounts for previous tenant.

In addition to that we saved to the owner almost 10,000 AED since we knew all operations well and hiring a lawyer was not required.


Damage to property

Time Period : 10 days


- On the lease expiry date the property was handed over with damages at a cost that exceeded security deposit amount


  • All the damages were fixed by tenant and at his expenses
  • Property was rented within a week Time

Our company received a request to make a handover inspection of 1-bedroom property with its’ previous tenant and find a new tenant afterwards.

On the handover date we made detailed summary of the discovered damages to the property:

  • Broken window in the living room;
  • Fridge and washing machine wasn’t working;
  • AC controllers were destroyed;
  • Access cards were lost;
  • Property required painting and deep cleaning.

The total estimate of the damage was over 9,000.00 AED where the security deposit amount was only 5,000.00 AED. Obviously deposit amount couldn’t cover the damage Our legal team found fast way to get it all fixed at the tenant’s expenses since knew how to block him in the moving out. Legal notice was sent to the tenant and he agreed to cover the damage so we didn’t open a case against him. After 10 days the property was handed over to us in perfect conditions. The tenant covered all the costs and security deposit was refunded straight forward. The property was ready to move in for a new tenant therefore was rented within the next week.



Time Period : 1 day


- Tenant left UAE and subleased the property without landlord’s permission


  • Subtenants were evicted from the property
  • Tenancy contract was terminated immediately

Law # 33 of 2008 (amending law # 26 of 2007) states that subleasing of the property is prohibited without written permission of the property landlord.

The landlord rented his 3-bedroom property to a young tenant. Rent was paid on time but after sometime the landlord became to know that neighbors of his tenant have raised two complaints against the tenant. People complained about noise and bad smelling from the property unit therefore the landlord found out that his property was subleased to and shared between 3 different sub-tenants.

Our company was recommended by one of these neighbors and immediately a legal notice was sent to the official tenant. The tenant wasn’t even staying in Dubai at that time so we proceeded without him and did the needful to get the property vacated in 1 day. The entire amount that was paid to the landlord as security deposit was kept as compensation and no lawyers were involved.


Access to the Property

Time Period : 25 days


- Landlord decided to sell the property but all viewings were blocked by tenant


  • 9 viewings were not blocked
  • Property was sold

Having a difficult tenant may turn to a serious problem because you never know what to expect from that kind of tenant.

The landlord planed to sell his tenanted property and gave a 12 months eviction notice to the tenant. During notice period the landlord had 0 viewings with potential buyers of his property only because of the tenant. The price was attractive, the location was nice, but the tenant was always away and for that reason nobody could access the property.

We found and executed a legal way to force the tenant to organize the access for the property, since we had an experience working with that type of tenants. Within 1 month we did 9 viewings and signed SPA with one of potential buyers.


Early Termination

Time Period : 45 days


- During the lease period tenant left the property ignoring early termination policy


  • 2 months notice & 1 month of penalty was paid by tenant in accordance with legal judgment

When the tenant requests for early termination from the landlord, there must be a notice period and early termination penalty applied.

In one of our recent cases the tenant wished not to extend the rental contract 1 day before agreed renewal.

He didn’t sign a new tenancy contract and obviously didn’t give rent payment cheques.

Our response to him was that since the renewal was agreed on writing before, he must have given us a notice and paid the penalty according to the clauses of the tenancy contract. We considered his request as an early termination and had to file a case against this tenant because he refused to follow the tenancy contract terms. Finally, the property was vacated with a 2 months notice given by and 1 month of penalty paid by the tenant counted from the last day of the past tenancy contract.


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